How Loose Should A Ring Be?


When you go in to a jewelry store to get your finger sized, they should have various tools and method to help you find the ring size that is going to feel the most comfortable so if it doesn't feel right, you speak up and let them know. The importance of going to a trained , professional jeweler like EternalGems who has the right tools, would help you understand what a good fit feels like.

You should be able to take your ring on and off when needed without too much of a struggle. If you are reaching for soap or baby oil to wiggle it off, it's probably too tight. As a general rule, your ring should be able to slide over your knuckle easily, but take a bit more to come off. Turning and tugging for two or three seconds to remove your ring is actually normal. In fact, your ring should barely fit over your knuckles. This is important because, it helps ensure it won't easily fall off. Your ring should fit snug around the base of your finger without any bulging or leaving indent marks . To see if it fits right, push your ring up from the underneath and see if it fits right, push your ring up from the underneath and see if there is a small space between your ring and your finger . This means, there is enough room.


You also don't want a ring that comes off too easily . The last thing anyone wants to experience is that moment of panic when they realize their wedding ring has fallen off and they don't know where or when. As mentioned above, your ring should be a lot easier to slide on and than off. so if you can take your ring off without any effort, it's probably too loose. In the end, it's important to remember that sizing is really personal preference.



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