How To Identify Original Vs Fake Silver Jewelry.


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When you are shopping for a new sterling silver jewelry, you need to make sure they are genuine. This is because many sellers attempt to pass off silver plated jewelry, you need to make sure they are genuine. This is because, many sellers attempt to pass off silver plated jewelry as Sterling Silver . In order to avoid getting the fake one, you need to check for some key things.

1. Look For The Stamp

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% of weight and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper hence, "925".

So you should always look for the stamp "925".


2.  Test For Color

When fake silver is exposed to heat and other chemicals, it turns into a bright copper like color with a tinge of green.

Hence, fake silver does not turn black but greenish copper color which cannot be polished off.  If it is genuine silver, exposure to air or other harsh chemical will turn the ring black and no other color.

N:B: Silver doesn't rust.

Once a silver ring turns black, due to exposure of air or chemicals, it only requires a simple polish to restore the natural silver color.

N:B: Fake Silver rings cannot be polished to restore the coating once they have changed, it is permanent.


3. Magnetic Attraction.

Another great way to test silver is to touch it with a magnet. Silver is not magnet and should not have much of a recognizable pull from a magnet at all.


With these few points, i hope you never get cheated with a fake sterling silver jewelry.








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