Which Finger Should I Wear My Engaggement Ring On?

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Engagement Ring

 With all flutter and excitement of engagement, you may ask; what is the correct hand and finger to wear my engagement ring on?

Traditionally, women wore engagement rings on the third finger of their left hand because, in a world before the medical science , people believed that there was a vein that traveled right from the finger. Wearing your ring on the third finger of your right hand is absolutely acceptable as well. The right hand is actually the traditional hand in countries like Russia, Greece and Columbia. wearing your ring on your right hand doesn't have to signify your culture though, It can simply be a personal preference.

Once you've decided on the hand you will wear your ring on, you can now stack your wedding band on the engagement ring after the ceremony.


Key things to take note of

1. Keep Your Ring Clean

Dirt would prevent your ring from looking shiny as it could look and you may want to keep it ready to show off at a moment's notice.

At Eternal Gems, we provide a polish cloth to clean your ring in order to keep it's shiny look. We also recommend you to bring it back to any of our store which you got it from in order to help you maintain your ring if the polish cloth has worn out.


2. Put Your Ring In A Designated Place

You might never want to take off your ring but, the time will come when you have to.

Designate a spot where you keep your ring.

At EternalGems, we provide boxes with the jewelry to keep it in good shape.


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