Have you ever looked into the eyes of your significant other? Imaging catching your lover staring longingly at you? Do you feel warmth in your heart? If yes, I urge you to read on.

Emotional tie is the sense of connection and feeling partner’s feel for each other. Feeling close to someone makes you feel bonded to your partner, increasing the connection, intimacy and communication. Emotional ties improve the state of your relationship most especially if it’s a healthy emotional tie. It makes you and your partner feel safe, happy and comfortable in each other’s company.

         Wearing a proposal ring picked by your partner makes you feel special, important and close to your partner. It is a ring that shows the official part of the announcement. It connotes honoring the tie between you and your partner, symbolizing the promise of your love.

Traditionally, men pick the ring while women wear the ring, this act makes them feel valuable, honored, and important. The investment of the ring is also as important for the men. Normally, precious stones may seem very expensive for ordinary people, but such problem has been solved as we now have different special gem stones for every pocket.

      The proposal ring is an important ring for both partners. The traditional meaning of the ring is honoring the emotional ties, dedication, love and commitment to each other particularly important to every woman who wears it. A proposal ring can be fashionable and be made to fit the bride style. A proposal ring comes in different styles, cuts and colors, this makes it stylish and fashionable. The gemstone, the sliver and golden band can be designed and is designed in different fashion. The ring finger has a direct connection to the heart, so the partner put the ring on the left hand of his finance conveying he is close to her heart, and always will be.

           Eternal Gems is a place where you can find amazing and beautiful gemstones for that special someone. We have one of a kind pieces for the person of your heart, a piece that will showcase your love for your partner, indicating the sign of your infinite and eternal love. Keep in touch for more juicy write-ups.

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