Five steps for the perfect engagement ring

 Five step for the perfect engagement ring

I know you are wondering if there are steps to picking the perfect engagement ring, right? Of course! We have steps to doing almost everything.

On a special note, finding the right engagement ring is the number one goal on your partner’s mind, they want their partner to be happy, and to love the engagement ring. Here are some steps to finding that one perfect ring.

  1. To find that ring you have to know who your partner is, if he or she is the perfect one for you, if they are right for you, if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. It is also essential to know what they like to wear when it comes to accessories, what style of jewelry they fancy and shades, size and color. Looking into finding the right color, you have to know if gold or silver suites your partner, what type of gemstone they love and the size of their ring finger.


  1. Budget is very important, you have to know what your budget is like, what you can afford that your partner would love. You don’t have to go broke looking for that perfect ring, do your best and your partner will be happy. In most scenario, the thought matters the most, how you both feel about each other counts so much more, also if you love your partner, you would want only the best for your partner.


  1. When picking the ring, you might want to go with your Partner or you want to pick it alone, either way works. Some people love surprises while some don’t, this goes down to how well you know your partner, knowing which one suits them perfectly. Going with her to pick the ring of her choice and one that fit perfectly, is a good consideration.


  1. Planning the perfect proposal method, do you want to do an outdoor proposal method, indoors, travel etc. if you want to propose indoor, you can throw a surprise house party, or if it is you and your partner, you can beautify the house, make it a romantic theme, or memory lane kind of décor, either one is perfect, many other options are available for you to explore and find the right one that suites you both. For outdoors, take your partner out on a dinner date, site seeing, travel to a different country, or a scavenger hunt, all these ideas are fun and perfect. Only you can pick that perfect scenario you want.


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