Different types of wedding rings on sale at Eternal Gems

Different types of wedding rings on sale at Eternal Gems


trio gold set for the groom and bride

Gold: which comes in white and yellow gold for the bride and groom which comes in 9karat , 14karat , 18karat and 21karat. 

18karat is mostly preferred because it is durable and the strongest when it comes to gold. 

Sterling silver 

luxury sterling silver wedding set in different designs

The other type of metal is sterling silver which is also called 925 which is the highest form of silver which is made of 92.5% silver and the remaining percent is another metal such as alloy which is quite strong , durable and it’s a lifetime guarantee. It just needs to be polished more frequently than gold . It comes in so many designs , we have about a thousand of sterling silver designs . It is mostly popular amongst women because it is white and it can come in any type of stone .


Titanium for men and titanium for women

Titanium is quite popular amongst men because it comes in different designs and colors such as blue , black, purple, etc. 


Tungsten is quite popular amongst men as well and it is similar to titanium, only difference is the weight on it . Tungsten are much heavier than titanium but  it has the same designs and it is equally durable as titanium. 

Stainless Steel and gold plated rings .

Gold plated ring for men on a budget

They are alloy underneath and gold at the top. It has a duration of 5-10years . Sometimes, lower than than that because of the price , people with low budget go for these types of rings . 

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